The Albina Snacks Wrappers Show the Natural Ingredients Using Letters

 - May 28, 2016
References: & packagingoftheworld
Albina Snacks is a Swedish brand that is offering natural organic candies in snack wrappers that leverage alphabetical branding to relay to the consumer visually the wholesome ingredients. The wrappers highlight the letter of the main fruit ingredient located inside the sugar-free candies as a way to instantly establish that the treats are made from wholesome ingredients.

The candy brand utilizes a design provided by the Kind agency, that creatively draws upon the alphabet and the use of color to create an immediate impact. The wrappers feature a letter of the main ingredient found in the candy as the focal visual. For example, the blueberry flavored candies are in a blue wrapper with a large 'B' made up using the berries. The use of the ingredient to create the letters allows eaters to instantly make the connection that the treats are made naturally from fruit.