eBars' Snack for Moms Deliver All-Natural, Organic Energy

 - Jul 4, 2015
References: ebars
eBars makes a range of energy products that are specifically formulated to suit a specific lifestyle, sport or gender—one example of this is the Mom Bar, designed just as a snack for moms, especially ones who are constantly on the go.

This organic 50 gram snack bar is described as "Moms' Organic Momentum," supplying both energy, focus and healthy hormone-balancing ingredients like almonds, honey, oats, berries, plus a number of superfoods like pepitas, cacao nibs, quinoa and acai berry. What gives this bar its energy-boosting properties is the inclusion of guaranine, an organic stimulant that's is chemically the same as caffeine.

The portable mom-targeted snack bar comes in a decadent Chocolate Berry flavor to make fuelling up feel extra indulgent.