The Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies will Retail at Walmart

 - Jun 11, 2016
References: thatsnerdalicious
Getting your hand on one of the deep-fries snack cakes used to mean hitting up a country fair, but the Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies are set to hit shelves to the delight of consumers everywhere.

While the original Twinkie is sold ready-made, the Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies are set to be sold frozen and require those who buy them to bake them in the oven.

The additional step required to enjoy the Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies allows the snack cakes to be a more specialized product that requires a bit more work to enjoy. This rebels against the traditional recipes used in the prepackaged food market that focuses on convenience. However, with foodie culture showing little sign of slowing down the Hostess Deep-Fried Twinkies could prove to be a hit with those craving the carnival confection.