The Magicharge Smartphone Cords Lights Up to Show It Is Charging

 - Jul 29, 2016
References: thinkgeek
The Magicharge smartphone cords are a durable set of cables built to show consumers the charging in real-time with a light-up design. The cords are engineered to be electroluminescent so that users can see the electric currents move through the cable as the energy is rebooting the phone. In addition, the illumination makes it easy for consumers to find their charging smartphones in darkly lit rooms.

The cables are filled with a special filament that allows the current moving through to create a glow. This allows consumers to visually see the charging take place as the electricity moves from the outlet to the smart device. The cord stops glowing when the phone reaches a 100% charging battery, so that users know to unplug the device and prevent overcharging.