This Smart Ebay Seller Has Incorporated Steamy Lingerie Into Their Ad

 - May 31, 2013
References: incrediblethings
This smart eBay seller has incorporated one of the best selling items on the planet to help sell his Volkswagon engine. The smart eBay seller had a VW MK2 Golf 1.8 GTI 8v Engine for sale, and it went quickly; this crafty seller that goes by the eBay handle 'Payner92' has a picture of the car engine with a very attractive and busty lady in her lingerie helping display the product.

This smart eBay seller obviously knows how to market a product, and understands his target demographic quite well. Payner also knows how to cover his back, included in the ad was a scrip where it states multiple times in all caps "BOOBS NOT INCLUDED."

According to the seller, the person who actually purchased this old raggedy engine actually mistakenly bought the item without reading the disclaimer. This is most likely because he was distracted and or confused. The next time you have to sell something on eBay, think about how you would like to market your product and stand out.