Mademoiselle Scarlett’s ‘BACI Hunting Season’ C

Risque without leaving anything to the imagination, these BACI Hunting Season ads may appeal to men more than women.

The BACI Hunting Season campaign consists of four images of scantily clad woman posing on top of a white polar bear rug while wearing nothing other than black lingerie, sexy sheer stockings and sky-high heels. Made by Mademoiselle Scarlett in Paris, France, the print ads are paired with the come-hither copy "Hunting season is open. Adult lingerie." While the ads are definitely provocative in a sexual way, they may also ruffle some feathers over at PETA; I’m not sure they would be so happy with the polar bear accessory.

The BACI Hunting Season campaign is a no restraints reminder that this it’s prime time to get your hands on some new pieces of lingerie.