You'll Be Surprised to Find Out Who Designed These Pragmatic Bike Fixtures

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: chriskabel & fastcodesign
Chris Kabel is a designer and professor at Switzerland's ECAL design school and it's his hard work that's brought together these incredibly simple and smart bike accessories.

Although Kabel is a native of Bloemendaal located in the Netherlands, he currently resides in Rotterdam. As an avid cyclist, it makes sense why Kabel would be interested in creating these tools for two-wheelers but you'll be shocked to find out that these smart bike accessories were largely developed by people who don't even own bikes.

Kabel noticed that the cycling culture that now dominates many regions of the planet has yet to be established in Switzerland and so he decided to dedicate a full course at ECAL to forming "valid, innovative, and working proposals" for bicycle accessories.

His students, who mostly don't own bikes, are the people responsible for developing these clever devices that are sure to have everyday cyclists in bliss.