Slim-be Fills the Stomach with Konjac Root to Prevent Overeating

 - Dec 10, 2016
References: slim-be & trndmonitor
The Slim-be 'Small Portion Shot' are designed to increase feelings of being full, making it easier to eat smaller portions to put off hunger and frequent snacking between meals.

The "shots" take the form of single-serving sachets that can be added to milk or another beverage of choice and consumed about 20 minutes before a meal. Slim-be is made with a soft fiber, konjac, that gently expands in the stomach to increase feelings of fullness. Konjac is a natural root from South East Asia that has been used for many years for its numerous heath benefits and ability to retain water.

The weight control product comes in three flavors, including Strawberry, Orange with Vitamin C and Vanilla.