The Spa-esque Slide + Noah Sinks Bring Sculpture to the Household Washroom

Sunken vanity basins are losing popularity in favor of independent countertop bowls like the Slide + Noah sinks. These sorts of pieces make their presence and function known in the room and designers take the opportunity to render them as objects of beauty.

Dario Cavaliere of Rome has conceived two basins that depart from the usual symmetrical treatment of such pieces, opting instead for one rectilinear design and one oval one, each with a significant slant to its base. The computer models depict the off-centered installation of faucets as well so that the running water washes across more of the porcelain surfaces before reaching a drain. Of the Slide + Noah sinks, the first cleverly incorporates a towel rack and the second takes a boat shape, inspired by Noah's arc.