A Jet-Setter's Solution?

 - Jul 8, 2013
References: headholder & terminalu
Sleeping on airplanes can be very uncomfortable, and difficult for those in economy class. To ease the discomfort of weary travellers, an alternative to the traditional travel pillow was created by Heads Up Group Inc, a US-based firm. The ‘Head Holder’, a device which resembles a neck brace, comes equipped with a chin pad, adjustable strap and a chest pad, helping to secure the neck in an upright position. The flexible support system cradles the head, preventing excessive movement and, subsequently, stiff necks.

It may foster some confused looks and maybe a few laughs, but travellers need not worry about leaning forward while sleeping or slumping into the seats of neighbouring passengers with the use of this handy contraption. The Head Holder retails for $24.99 at headholder.com.