Find Out If Happiness is Really Linked to Owning a Bigger Home

 - May 22, 2013
References: homeinsurance & homeinsurance
Insurance company ‘’ came out in April with a sequential design infographic targeted at wealthier home owners asking them the question, "Is your McMansion killing you?"

With its hand-drawn feel, this ad looks as though it was created for a neat middle school project. With a top-bottom reading style, this McMansion critique features a combination of graphics, facts and minimal yet striking text raising awareness about how costly and inefficient McMansions can be.

‘Home Insurance’ also asks us to think about how having a more expensive house, more square footage and more TVs lead us to spend less time at home with our families. In a world where we rush from place to place, eat out constantly and sleep odd hours, what is the point of paying so much for McMansions if one is hardly ever home? And—most importantly—are we really any happier with more space?