The 'Sleeping Drunks' PSA Shames Citizens into Behavior Better

 - May 30, 2014
References: youtube & adweek
The 'Sleeping Drunks' campaign features thousands of unassuming, slumbering folk.

You've probably heard the phrase "drink till you drop," but in Japan, it's a lived reality. Hardworking citizens let their hair down on the weekends, drinking so much that instead of making their way home, they turn the sidewalk into a makeshift bed. Agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Geometry Global teamed up with Japanese bar chain Yaocho to give us a glimpse at the sleeping drunk phenomenon.

The campaign frames these passed-out people with white tape, turning them into a live-action PSA billboard. The billboard is completed with the hashtag #NOMISUGI, which translates to "too drunk." Unsurprisingly, the improvised advertisements, which attempt to shame citizens out of their bad behavior for fear of turning into the next billboard, have become Instagram fodder for many. While it's impossible to tell if this campaign is staged or not, the hilarious video is still worth a look.