The Reflex Slap Watch Features Retro Futurism

 - Nov 9, 2015
Offering both a 90s aesthetic and futuristic design, the Reflex slap watch is a truly unique timepiece.

Wildly popular in the 90s, slap watches were convenient timepieces often adored by children. Instead of wrestling with clasps and closures, consumers simply slapped the watch onto their wrists. The Reflex watch honors that age-old style with a slap feature, while also offering a futuristic appeal. Absent of an ordinary watch face, this slap watch utilizes a unique LED display, which illuminates the hour and day with the touch of a button. With multiple columns and two rows, this watch can easily be mistaken for a health-tracking fitness band or any other piece of smart jewelry.

Fitted with a silicone band, the Reflex slap watch ensures a custom and comfortable fit.