Circu's 'Sky B Plane' is Inspired by a Character from Disney's 'Planes'

 - Dec 27, 2016
For energetic kids, bedtime can be a struggle, but the 'Sky B Plane' from Portuguese design company Circu should make it easier. The extravagant bed frame is inspired by Leadbottom from Disney's 'Planes' film, with a bright yellow biplane design that will make bedtime an adventure for any child.

The problem that many kids have with bedtime is that it's simply boring. When awake, kids have so much to do, to see, and to explore. But sleep doesn't provide any of that fun or excitement. With the Sky B Plane, the trip to the bedroom at the end of the day can be just as adventurous as the entire day that preceded it.

The bed is sized for toddlers, so it's a great way for parents to ease their children through the transition from crib to bed.