The Skull Brain by Emilio Garcia Expands the Anatomy of the Cerebrum

 - Oct 9, 2012
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You'll probably do a double-take when you first lay eyes on the Skull Brain by Emilio Garcia. Initially it looks rather familiar, and yet it quickly proves to play a trick on your mind.

Set to be displayed at the CONTEXT Pavilion as part of Art Miami, this unusual piece will be modeled in various materials and in a range of different colors. What the artist has done is to produce a sculpture that mimics the intriguing organic texture of the human brain, but to expand its typical form to the full shape and contours of a cranium.

Defining the jaw, the bridge of the nose and the eye sockets, the Skull Brain by Emilio Garcia makes a compelling piece of art and an iconic decorative object that might be used as a set of bookends.