The Waterborne Skateboard Surf Adapter Enhances Your Ride

 - Nov 26, 2018
References: & blessthisstuff
The Waterborne Skateboard Surf Adapter is a clever piece of equipment for avid skateboarders to use when looking to enhance their ride and enjoy a bit of on-land surfing.

The adapter works by being mounted onto any board deck of your choosing and emulating the experience of surfing on flat water when the sea is calm. Riders can carve, pump and slide as they would on the water to instantly transform their skateboarding into an aquatically inspired experience that is unlike anything possible before.

The Waterborne Skateboard Surf Adapter is priced at $69 and will also allow for tighter turning capabilities when compared to traditional skate trucks, which further enhances the surfing-like experience. The adapter can also be used with the wheels of your choice to eliminate the need for too many new equipment pieces.