Celebs Recycled, Fake Models, Burning Dolls and Kissing Strangers

 - Jan 19, 2009
References: trendhunter
Robot models, burning dolls and kissing strangers: today we hunt Sizzling Photo Shoots.

10. Extreme handbag photography: because sometimes, you want your purse to kick ass.

9. Flaming dolls. Avril Lavigne was freaky before, but after seeing this photo shoot of her burning a doll, I don’t know if she COULD be my Girlfriend. (reference to her song)

8.  Carvari teaches us that to sell shoes with seduction, fighting and murder.

7. Eva Longoria gets pin-uptastic in this retro editorial; no wonder men are Desperate for this Housewife!

6. Ryan Air’s maintenence crew proves that nothing’s better hot fake mechanics to recruit staff and sell sexist charity calenders

5. Diesel has gone amateur with a line of myspace inspired ads.  The pictures are meant to look like regular myspace photos, except with hot people.

4. Photoshoot recycling.  FHM liked this 2005 Megan Fox shoot so much, they republished it 3 years later

3. Beyonce proves that sometimes, you just can’t resist kissing gorgeous people, which in this case, is her bootilicious self.

2. Kissing Strangers as Art - controversial photographer Ashkan Sahihi created an entire series of photos where he passionately kisses strangers.  The kicker: he french kisses women AND men as part of his social commentary.

1. Illusory Photography - Brian Walker prorvs you can’t go wrong with tangling eyelashes, four legged models, eating brains, lots of color and robot models.

Video of the day: Carvari’s Racy Shoe Campaigns.