- Jan 14, 2013
With the recent announcement of the forthcoming 2013 Destiny's Child album, fans are going wild for Beyonce and her fellow single ladies. This list of Beyonce editorials prove why she reigns queen in the music industry and exposes her as a stunning and inspirational role model for women everywhere.

Beyonce is beautiful, talented and one smart business woman. The starlet has given birth, manifested an incredible solo career for herself and will now return to her roots as one-third of the infamous all-girl group Destiny's Child. The trio was a huge success in its heyday and will surely dominate the airwaves once again.

As the anticipation builds up and you cannot control yourself from googling her, check out this sensational list of Beyonce editorials and get your fix before the 2013 Destiny's Child album drops.

In Honor of the Upcoming 2013 Destiny's Child Album: