The Siri Infographic Breaks Down All You Need to Know About the New App

The iPhone 4S hit markets near the end of 201,1 with the new app Siri being a major new function. This Siri Infographic breaks down the facts concerning the A.I. assistant, demonstrating why some find it a frustrating nuisance.

While all smartphones require a data plan in order to gain access to the Internet, Siri functions cause an incredible jump in data usage whenever one requests it to do a task. Asking Siri to set an alarm takes up 40KB of data per query while asking it to search for anything on the Internet takes up 100KB.

The technology is still relatively new and improvements can certainly be made. Despite the minor inconveniences and need for repetitive commands, 51% of phone users say that having a program similar to Siri is an important factor in determining their next phone purchase.