The Galaxy One-Piece Car Silicone Placemat Turns Food into a Vehicle

 - Apr 16, 2016
References: amzn & 7gadgets
Young children are notorious for becoming distracted during mealtime, so the Galaxy One-Piece Car Silicone Placemat is designed to keep them entertained.

The placemat features various sections that are designed to keep food inside, but also turn it into a vehicle. With three main sections, the placemat has a spot for food in the wheel section and the interior cabin.

100% food-safe, the placemat is designed to thwart messes by allow kids to be as messy as they want. Best of all, the Galaxy One-Piece Car Silicone Placemat arranges healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in a more appealing way than simply serving them outright.

The placemat is suitable for children aged six months and up, and can even be used for kids with special needs as well as the elderly.