Silhuett Cutlery by Hanna Dalrot Traces Ornamental Silverware Forms

 - Dec 10, 2011
It is really lovely to see the way that antique objects can be adapted and redesigned with a contemporary crispness. Silhuett Cutlery by Hanna Dalrot is such a collection that references an old nostalgic elegance but reproduces it with a modern minimalism, capturing the original's iconic quality.

The spoon, knife and fork have been manufactured in a burnished silver metal with graceful tips that form uniquely yet subtly sculpted scoops, prongs and blades. At the neck of each eating utensil, where the head meets the handle, the hard material instantly opens up to produce a gaping shaft.

Only the exquisite undulating contours of the Silhouette (Silhuett) Cutlery by Hanna Dalrot remain, cut flat and free of ornamental detail. The shadowy shape of Chippendale silverware acts as the sole sophisticated embellishment.