Silence Water Gives You the Ability to Hold Your Tongue

 - Dec 18, 2011
References: & thedieline
The product Silence Water is based on a Greek myth, which encourages listening skills and teaches people to select their words carefully. Chris Trivias sets out to manufacture and package the mythical Silence Water to help those who are apt to interrupt and increase listening skills while relieving tension. Each bottle of this miracle serum contains four doses, each of which are suppose to last 24 hours.

There is no word on what the actual water is comprised of, so whether or not the product does what it's suppose to is beyond me. The packaging, however, is delightfully simplistic. The box that seems to act as a frame for the petite bottle adds yet another unusual element to the oddity of a product. The typography is minimalistic and angular and the bottles themselves mimic medicinal vials.

Sure to fly off the shelves if it does indeed work, Silence Water will help you zip a lip.