Lululemon's Signature Movement Experience Identifies Motion Patterns

 - Sep 25, 2018
References: shop.lululemon & fastcompany
Whitespace, Lululemon's in-house innovation and research and development team, has been using treadmills and sensors to collect data and compile graphs that depict one's unique patterns of motion as part of a new 'Signature Movement Experience.' Like a fingerprint, each person has a way of moving that is completely unique to them.

While brands like Lululemon have previously recommended products to consumers based on sizing and specific activities, this technology has the potential to introduce highly customized product suggestions by using the store-ready treadmills.

The first of these treadmills from Lululemon were shared at the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival in Vancouver, which involves a half marathon and music. At the event, people were invited to try the Signature Movement Experience and discover their unique way of moving.