Palmolive's Shower Gel Bottles Celebrate the Vibrancy of Brazil

While the 2014 World Cup is going on in Brazil, tons of brands have been busy channeling the vibrant flavor of Brazil for the release of special edition products, including Palmolive with its new shower gel bottles.

The Palmolive bottles were designed by Raison Pure Paris and feature two editions for both men and women. With bright splashy colors and vibrant graphics, scents like Guarana Kick, Lime & Mint Shoot, Coconut Breeze and Passion Fruit come to life. Although the shower gels for men have more distinctly sporty themes, the women's packaging focuses more on the tropical beauty of the South American country. Although the style of product packaging for men and women is quite different, there's a unity to shower gel bottles, which is played up in the balance of black and white.