The Shounan House Proves It's What's on the Inside that Counts

The Shounan House is one of those architectural marvels that you can only truly enjoy once you look past its exterior. On the outside, it looks as though someone tipped over the roofing of a farm since it features all-white corrugated panels that severely clash with its surroundings. Once you’re inside the Shounan House though, I’m sure you can put all of your second guesses to rest as the humble home features maple plank hardwood flooring and a stellar spiral staircase. The crazy home even has a balcony!

The Shounan House is designed by Jun Igarashi Architects.

Implications - Consumers enjoy living in homes with unique architecture because it differentiates them from their peers, which they feel adds intrinsic value to their property. Corporations can similarly release products with abstract designs in order to satiate consumer desire to have individualistic items.