'Shenzhen Talent Park' is a New Public Urban Park on the Edge of the Sea

 - Dec 28, 2017
References: archdaily
Urban parks tend to do their best to bring aspects of nature into the city, but Shenzhen Talent Park does that literally. Rather than using artificial means to transport aspects of nature into the city, the park uses the natural resources around it to bring the ocean onto the land.

Since Shenzhen is on the shore of the South China Sea, the landscape designers behind Shenzhen Talent Park opted to use the water. They funnelled water directly from the sea into the bay that's in the center of the park, making it a true piece of nature as opposed to a facsimile.

Many other parks in cities around the world have transported nature from other areas into the places they currently sit -- famously, New York's Central Park contains boulders from all over the northeast US. Shenzhen Talent Park was clever in avoiding that same concept.