Fini Jellybeans Humorously Charts How People Share Food

 - May 29, 2014
References: & adsoftheworld
These Fini print ads show that the way you share food really does say a lot. We've all done it—sometimes you're extra generous on sharing a snack based on how good (or bad) it is, or maybe your reasons for sharing may have to do with winning affections or slighting someone.

Fini's ads are set up as if you're looking at a table from above, where a bunch of jellybeans have been neatly divided up for different people. Most of the time, the candies are not separated equally and the text on the ads makes it clear why. Some situations are most generous sharing with crushes or bosses, although there are some scenarios played out where the sweets are evenly divided up and Fini explains that you might do this because you either have OCD or a twin.