Sergio Garval Depicts People on Top of Objects Dumped into Bodies of Water

 - May 22, 2012
References: sergiogarval & sweet-station
These Sergio Garval paintings resemble what I imagine people to look like while they’re trashing hotel rooms, only they’re destroying pricey furniture while in the middle of the ocean. Men and women alike are desecrating ritzy chairs and seen beside piles damaged cars, and though the premise may seem nonsensical, it’s nearly impossible to remove your eyes from these masterpieces.

Sergio Garval renders in somewhat of an impressionistic manner, focusing on emulating the general shape and feel of an object rather than focusing on refined details. The colors he uses complement one another and pop in all the right areas to deliver visuals that punch audiences’ eyes. His subjects also all seem to have extraordinary balance to be able to stand on floating objects so sturdily.