Save the Children's 'Second a Day' Shows the Effect of War on Kids

The 'Most Shocking Second a Day' video from Save The Children grimly illustrates the effect war has on children. The video follows a year in the life of an average girl in the UK, starting with her birthday.

Initially, the happy-go-lucky child is seen snuggling with stuffed animals, laughing, smiling and playing, like any child should. These short clips flip pretty quickly and it almost gets a little repetitive, but these mundane day-to-day activities are much better to watch than the second half of the video.

About 30 seconds in, the video starts to change its tone. There girl is shown covering her ears after gunshots, running from bombs, crying and being separated from her dad. As the video concludes, she is shown having another birthday, but the celebration is far less joyous. Save The Children's message illustrates that "just because it's not happening here, doesn't mean it isn't happening."