Scribe Mundo De Pape Neighborhood Made of Notebooks

 - Sep 3, 2009
References: vimeo & homedit
If you're a lover of paper, specifically of notebooks, you'll go crazy for this ad by Mexican studio, Cru Ladies for paper company, Scribe.

Lemon Films land BBDO Mexico put together the short flick, titled Scribe Mundo De Pape, featuring an all-paper neighbourhood. The video depicts scenes like a man living in a home where everything -- from his alarm clock to his kitchen cupboards -- is made to look like notebook paper, with random scribbles and notes throughout. Even his t-shirt appears to be made from lined paper!

Fortunately, the stove in the Scribe Mundo De Pape video is also made of paper, and therefore undoubtedly functional which is a plus in a house this flammable. On the upside, there'd be no mess to clean up post-fire, just a bit of ash.