Scarlett Johansson Blogs Weight Loss in News Column

 - Apr 14, 2009
References: huffingtonpost
Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson took to her column at The Huffington Post to publicly address the recent rumors of her crash diet to lose 14 pounds for the movie Iron Man 2.

Scarlett Johansson clarifies that all these diet rumors are false, "Claims have been made that I’ve been on a strict workout routine regulated by co-stars, whipped into shape by trainers I’ve never met, eating sprouted grains I can’t pronounce and ultimately losing 14 pounds off my 5’3" frame… if I were to lose 14 pounds, I’d have to part with both arms. And a foot."

"I’m not normally the type to dignify toilet paper rags with a response, but in this case I feel it’s my responsibility to comment," writes Scarlett Johansson. "In a way, I’m glad some dummy journalist (and I use the term "journalist" loosely) is banking on my "deflating" so that I can address the issue straight from my healthy heart."

I really applaud Scarlett Johansson for taking the time and effort to address this important issue. Even though most people know that tabloids create and sell false stories, such ‘reports’ about crash diets and dramatic weight loss can have disastrous effects on both the physical and mental health of teenagers who idolize Hollywood stars.