The 'Sayama Forest Chapel' is a Testament to Patience and Artisanship

 - Aug 9, 2016
References: & dezeen
Nestled into a wooded area in Japan's Saitama Prefecture, the Sayama Forest Chapel is a peaceful and humble testament to the drive of humankind. The angular, upward-reaching temple's roof is covered in over 21,000 aluminum tiles, each of which were rippled and bent by hand in order to conform precisely to the building's gabled design.

The Sayama Forest Chapel is the main structure for a cemetery. As such, its labour intensive building process stands as a sort of homage to the gravesites that it overlooks. Further, since each tile is unique, they reflect the individuality of each of the people that the graves commemorate.

The symbolism doesn't stop there as the inside of the building is primarily constructed with wooden pillars, reminding those in the building of the forest that surrounds them.