Celebrating Hot Eco Activist Celebs on Earth Day

 - Apr 23, 2009
References: asylum
For Earth Day, we’re reflecting on the famous women out to save the earth.

Since when did activism attract so many hotties? Back in the day, it was Gloria Steinham and The Weathermen Underground and Janis Joplin and Berkley women burning bras (well OK, that was kinda cool.) But now, look out, the hotness level has gone up a few thousand degrees.

Earth Day has us looking at today’s eco activist celebs, and they include Keira Knightley collaborating with What We Are Is What We Do, Julia Roberts, spokesperson for Earth BioFuels, Penelope Cruz who works mostly with Global Green, Sienna Miller for Global Cool, Alicia Silverstone who lives in a solar-paneled house with bamboo flooring, drives a Prius and is involved in animal-rights causes, Salma Hayek who is involved with Global Green, Josie Maran who owns her own eco-friendly cosmetics line, and Bianca, Trendhunter.com editor, is known to shed a tear when Earth Hour occurs.