The Sativex Independent Thinking Ad Campaign Addresses Spasticity

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: beta.langland2013 & ibelieveinadv
Suffering from multiple sclerosis, an inflammatory disease, results in many debilitating symptoms including spasticity, which the Sativex Independent Thinking ad campaign targets. Spasticity manifests later in the disease and results in muscle spasm, weakness and stiffness. One of the biggest consequences of such a symptom is the loss of independence. This is illustrated in the Sativex Independent Thinking ad campaign.

Conceived and executed by Langland, an ad agency based in the United Kingdom, the Sativex Independent Thinking ad campaign was art directed by Andrew Morley with creative direction by Andrew Spurgeon and photography by Spencer Murphy. It depicts people suffering from spasticity going about daily activities such as brushing teeth and drinking coffee with the help of another person. It is a sad reality, but the Sativex drug hopes to help.