LEGO Yeti Sasquatch Toy is a Winter-Perfect Present

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: fancy
This winter, LEGO has you covered with this collectible Sasquatch toy. The LEGO yeti is blue and white and furry all over with sharp fangs jutting out of his lower jaw. This cute little guy will certainly at a bit of joy to any bitter winter day and remind you to bundle up when you go out.

Each yeti comes with a LEGO display plate (attaches just like you would a regular figurine in a LEGO set) and a blue icy pop accessory for those icy cold winter days. This Sasquatch toy is perfect as a Christmas present for youngsters and die-hard LEGO collectors alike. The ice-blue LEGO Yeti collectible figurine as a cool and funny addition to the many different characters LEGO has adapted over the years, from Indians Jones, to Walter White and a must-have collector's piece.