The Santa Hat Flask Stores 10-Ounces of Liquid in a Discreet Way

 - Nov 28, 2016
References: amazon & thegreenhead
The Santa Hat Flask is a discreet yet festive way for wearers to hold a secret stash of booze without anyone being the wiser. Coming in several color options including classic red and white as well as green and white and black and white, the hat can store up to 10-ounces of liquid at a time. This can be accessed while the hat is being worn or by taking it off in order to dispense it into glasses accordingly.

The Santa Hat Flask features a zippered pouch that makes cleaning the product easy and simple, while the cap of the flask is leak-proof to ensure leaks are never an issue. The hat can be used to store wine, spirits or virtually any libation or beverage that one can think of.