Santa Claus Drink Dispenser Shows St. Nick's Unpleasant Side

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: stupid & kitschyliving.tumblr
Never have I seen a Christmas-themed product that's as hilarious, outrageous and so incredibly wrong as the Santa Claus Drink Dispenser.

Sure the name "Santa Claus Drink Dispenser" sounds innocent enough; how bad can it be with ol' St. Nick pouring you a drink? In this case, father Christmas is offering a beverage by shamelessly urinating into a cup. The dispenser displays Santa holding his junk ready to unload whatever liquor that has been filled inside of him. To help him unload, simply push the button in the back. The best part is how nonchalant Santa is about the whole thing, but I suppose when you're delivering gifts around the world in one night, public urination is better than finding a bathroom. Besides, he shouldn't wake up the little ones with the sound of a flushing toilet.