This Platform Helps Employees Tackle Tricky Salary Negotiations

 - Feb 26, 2016
References: paysa & fastcompany
'Paysa' is a new platform that helps employees tackle difficult salary negotiations. Because discussing one's salary is still largely taboo, few people know what others are earning. This can make it difficult for employees to negotiate a raise when they have little information about their market value.

Paysa provides a solution for handling salary negotiations by providing consumers with the information they need. The platform was designed by Chris Bolte, who "wanted to figure out how to help people better understand what their value is in the market." The platform achieves this feat by providing employees with market salary data. Users simply plug in information such as their job title, years of experience and education level and Paysa will instantly produce a graphic detailing the individual's market value.

Paysa is likely to appeal to younger consumers who may have little experience negotiating their salary or asking for a raise.