These Simple Lunches Are Healthy and Convenient

 - Apr 19, 2013
References: backtoherroots & uniquedaily
If you need a cleaver way to transport your greens to work this DIY salad in a jar trick will make your life deliciously easy and compactly transportable.

The trick to making a perfect salad in a jar is to first put whatever dressing you desire in the jar first so that fills the bottom of the container. The nest step is simple. After cutting, slicing, and chopping any and all ingredients you are craving toss them in the jar in no particular order. Leave out the greens until everything else is in the jar. When you are satisfied with the ingredients fill the rest of the jar with whatever leafy vegetable you love the most and secure the lid.

The best part about salad in a jar is that when you are ready to eat you dump the continents from the jar into a bowl and the dressing will evenly cover all other ingredients for a perfect ratio of salad.