The 3D Printed 'Sad Keanu' Pokes Fun at the Internet Meme

 - Feb 1, 2014
References: knowyourmeme & flavorwire
The Sad Keanu Meme has been transformed into a real 3D character. The 3D printing company Shapeways has created this 3D meme. The viral meme featuring a sad Keanu Reeves is a great gag gift for anyone. You can have Keanu reading alone in the park, waiting outside for the mail or even make him sit alone while eating lunch. The possibilities are endless.

Keanu Reeves or better known as Neo in the Matrix trilogy is transformed into a walking punchline. The small figurine is perfectly shaped to fit in the smallest places. Sad Keanu is a Photoshopped meme based on a paparazzi photographer. The original photo had the Canadian American actor sitting and eating a sandwich alone on a park bench. The hilarious figurine is perfectly situation to reenact that exact photo.