Ryan Leitner Photography Pictures Imperfect People

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: ryanleitner & lostateminor
Photographers often try to set up a perfect reality for the camera, however Ryan Leitner Photography captures the genuine, unglamorous side of reality. The messy, imperfect, almost rough characters he portrays are a far cry from the impeccably dressed models in well thought-out poses that are the photographic norm.

The subjects present the uninhibited and unpretentious side of youth living out their daily lives in a disheveled urban setting. The pictures feature all sorts of rambunctious activity bordering dangerously close to criminal activity such as jumping over walls and public disorderly behavior. However, the Ryan Leitner Photography series also inspires pangs of jealousy by portraying the obvious happiness and freedom that comes from good-natured, spontaneous fun that seems almost out of reach.