This Heat Map Indicates Where Majority of People Run in Each City

 - Feb 17, 2014
References: flowingdata & mashable
If you are ever looking for running maps in the city you are living or visiting in then looking into these heat maps of the most popular routes runner take may be your best jogging guide. These maps almost look like works of art themselves.

Statistician Nathan Yau took samples of public data records from the workout app RunKeeper to figure out where the majority of people run in 22 different cities across America, Canada and Europe. He came up with these maps that are so intriguing and captivating, you wouldn't even realize they were running routes just by looking at them.

Specifically these maps reveal areas where there is high foot traffic and less traffic. They are indicated by the lines' thickness; the thicker the line the more traffic there is in that particular area. These running maps seem like a great way to choose your preferred route on your daily walk or jog.