Runa Supports Indigenous Farmers Through Guayusa Tea

 - Jan 26, 2012
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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Runa is a social business with a focus on offering guayusa tea. Guayusa is a tree in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest that is commonly used as a hot beverage. "It’s a native Amazonian tree leaf that’s been brewed for thousands of years by indigenous communities," wrote Milkshake. "Considered a provider of ‘mental strength and courage’ by the native Kichwa community, Amazon Guayusa tea boosts metabolism, aids digestion, balances blood sugar, and keeps you on the ball."

But Runa is more than the physical tea benefits. There are social and environmental benefits to the business model. Supporting indigenous farmers and participating in rainforest reforestation projects are two of the main initiatives that Runa uses in order to create a collaborative company based on inclusivity, transparency and social good.

"Trade is a powerful tool that can help us build deeper bonds as a global community," Runa wrote on their website. "Exchange is what helps us learn each other's stories through the goods that carry them."

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