Rough Sketch Products Will Have You Doing a Double Take

 - Dec 2, 2013
References: & spoon-tamago
Aptly titled rough sketch products, these inventive furniture designs look like the scribbles of a toddler brought to life.

‘Rough sketch products’ was created by Tokyo University of the Arts student Daigo Fukawa for his 2013 senior thesis exhibition. Fukawa has done such an incredible job capturing the likeness of scribbled furniture drawings that one must do several takes in order to be sure that these furniture pieces are in fact real and not drawings. Fukawa uses bright colors with hurried and non-linear lines to create the illusion that these are furniture pieces drawn by children with crayon.

It can be hard to hold onto that sense of childlike whimsy, thankfully Daigo Fukawa has managed to hold on to his. I do, however, question how comfortable these pieces would be.