Luxe Kitchen Brand 'Rossana' Opened Its First Showroom in the UK

Luxurious Italian kitchen brand Rossana opened its first kitchen showroom, bringing its brand to the UK for the first time. The showroom is designed by Massimo Castagna, who has been responsible for Rossana's most recent creative initiatives.

The lavish showroom elevates the kitchen from a typical household cooking space to a luxurious escape. The low-lit room features a blend of deep-veined marble countertops and surfaces. This is complemented with deep oak wood tones that are displayed through cabinets and tabletops, creating a warm and inviting environment.

A standout piece is Rossana's sleek 'Vincenzo De Cotiis,' an island that fuses classic and futuristic elements in a burnished brass finish, rendered in an olive wood. The Rossana showroom will continue to tour, with stops in the USA planned in the future.