Rose Wong Illustrates a Collection of Women Shooting Light from Their Heads

 - May 3, 2012
References: rhuu.deviantart & lacarpa.tumblr
There are women who seemingly light up a room with their radiant beauty, but Rose Wong has illustrated a series of images that literalizes that expression. Rather than rendering the faces of the subjects in this collection, Wong simply has beams of light shooting out from the front of their heads. To paint a better mental picture, imagine a lighthouse that has a shapely female body and chic hairdos. The results are undeniably provocative in its oddity.

Rose Wong renders each woman and her surroundings in muted colors, further punctuating the light bursting out of their faces. Even with obscured visages, the viewer can tell that each lady is attractive based on their stylish choice of clothing and hair. Wong also applies a filter to each image, giving it a paper-like texture and tying the entire series together.