The Mast Eco Humidifier is Crafted from Japanese Cypress Wood

 - Mar 31, 2016
References: japantrendshop & thegreenhead
The market for room humidifiers is increasing as consumers spend more time in their indoor spaces, so the Mast Eco Humidifier helps satisfy this demand in a natural way.

Designed by Shin Okada, the Mast Eco Humidifier is crafted from Hinoki Japanese cypress and features an aesthetically pleasing design. The Mast Eco Humidifier works by allowing the wooden sheets to be dipped in water, which allows the liquid to saturate into the grains of them. The product is purported to humidify a room up to six times faster than just a bowl of water and makes a sculptural addition to a space.

While other room humidifiers are designed to simply just humidify, the Mast Eco Humidifier also releases the pleasant scent of cypress into the environment.