Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy

 - Apr 4, 2008   Updated: May 18 2011
References: en.epochtimes
Rolls Royce has come out with a new hood ornament called the Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet sculpture. This little charm costs a whopping $200,000!

It's made of platinum and diamonds... about 150 carats! One of a kind, to be sure.

Implications - The Spirit of Ecstasy is actually placed on every Rolls Royce, but the "bonnet sculpture" version is the ultimate hood ornament. The luxurious ornament was designed by Jean Kemanjian. Kemanjian says that he was inspired by diamonds and rare metals. He says that he wanted to do something that "would be a tribute to the car itself." The Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet sculpture stands at four inches tall and glimmers in the sunlight.