- Nov 8, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
Rolls-Royces are the ultimate in luxury vehicles. However, the people who own them have probably never driven them considering they pay a man named Benson to take care of that.

This cluster showcases all the Rolls-Royces we have in our Trend Hunter garage. Check out all the luxurious finds, from electric luxury cars to $200,000 hood ornaments. You can look, but don't touch the Rolls!

Implications - It is important for companies to remember that not all consumers are still recovering from the economic recession. Consumers who have managed to regain their fiscal balance are looking for ways to spend their money and rediscover that sense of elitism. Companies will be benefit by tailoring their products or ideas to this group of people who are looking to restore their luxurious lifestyles.

From Electric Luxury Cars to $200,000 Hood Ornaments: