Celebrate Small-Sized Living at the Hamster Villa in Nantes, France

 - Apr 16, 2012
References: uncoinchezsoi.net & damncoolpictures
Rodent living at the Hamster Villa hotel will only cost guests $148 per night where they can live like rodents. At this hotel in Nantes, France guests can eat, sleep, drink and even exercise on a wheel like a hamster. This hotel provides a unique opportunity that encourages those who visit to engage in the entire experience full of fur costumes, a water tube where guests can sip, containers of organic grain, and everything one would need to live like an animal.

The Hamster Villa is a place where guests can feel comfortable, and with the hamster wheel for two, it has the possibility to be a romantic yet kinky experience. Many of the adults who stay at the hotel previously had hamsters when they were kids and thus loved trying this hilarious experience.